At Belgian Delights we are dedicated to our clients and always go the extra mile when tailoring our services to cater for your personal or business needs. From the strict quality controls we implement, through to the friendly professional service you receive from our team, we are committed to providing you with a premium product and an efficient operations network.

By offering superior service across all facets of our business we successfully streamline our invoicing, shipping and ordering processes and maintain positive business relationships.

When you purchase chocolates from Belgian Delights, you are supporting a business that has a strong environmental and community focus. How we achieve this can be seen in more detail below.


As a locally owned and operated family business, we feel it is important to support local charities and community events. We regularly donate to a range of charities and also produce couverture chocolate lines where a percentage of the proceeds are given to a specific charity.

One of the charities we offer financial assistance to is the Australian Koala Foundation. We have developed products where 10 percent of the sales are donated toward projects aimed at protecting koalas and their natural habitat.


We predominantly use recyclable packaging, to minimise environmental impact after consumption. In conjunction with this we recycle all paper based waste.


At Belgian Delights we believe it is vital to conserve the environment, which is why we have incorporated strategies to achieve this more successfully. From introducing LED lighting throughout our factory to lower energy usage, through to having minimal water wastage in our production processes, we are taking all the necessary steps to protect our natural environment.  In 2014 we commissioned the installation of a 32KW solar power system, which now provides about half of our electrical energy requirements.

Also, where possible, we use natural products instead of chemicals in the manufacturing of our product lines.