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We supply an extensive selection of Beligian style chocolate lines specifically targeted toward the food service industry.

We supply an extensive selection of Beligian style chocolate lines specifically targeted toward the food service industry. Our couverture chocolate lines can be tailored to suit your business’ requirements, with a versatile range of packaging and chocolate varieties available. Whether you’re a hotelier, chocolatier, patissier, chef or baker, we have the perfect chocolates available to cater for your requirements. We also supply couverture chocolate buttons in bulk, so that you can create your own range of decadent desserts. Our products are developed using superior ingredients and once tasted, will always be remembered. If you have a conference, special event or function and would like to provide your guests with a gift of our delicious Belgian Delights chocolates, individually wrapped couverture chocolates or alternatively use our premium chocolate buttons for creating delectable desserts or any other dishes, fill out our online enquiry form today.

At Belgian Delights we regularly sell our quality chocolates to delicatessen, specialty confectionery stores, florists and promotional product suppliers. Our lines are made from the finest ingredients, sourced locally and internationally, to create Belgian style chocolates that evoke the passion of chocolate lovers throughout Australia and the rest of the world.

If you are a retailer interested in selling our premium grade Belgian chocolates through your store, contact our sales team to discuss the many different lines and services we have available. Our chocolates can be supplied to retailers nationally.

Why Become a Retailer of Belgian Delights:

  • Our chocolate is made locally from premium ingredients and is of a consistently high standard
  • Work with Belgian trained chocolatiers
  • Our advanced moulding and packaging equipment allows us to produce bulk quantities of fine grade chocolates quickly and efficiently

Belgian Delights chocolates are handmade using superior ingredients, ensuring a consistently premium product is produced. With the growth our business has experienced, from retail through to food service distribution, we know our chocolates sell themselves. We are always looking for distributors who are interested in selling our chocolate lines to develop mutually beneficial long-term business relationships with.

As we have spent many years creating and distributing our chocolates, we carefully assess each business to determine whether they have the potential to successfully sell our lines.